September 13, 2017

Miners shut out Wolves

The Miners rode out some ups and downs last week, pulling together to nab a hard-fought win over Kidder County Thursday night.
Long volleys and split-second dives to save a stray ball were seen on both sides of the net Thursday, as Wilton-Wing and Kidder County players fought tooth and nail for the game. The Miners would hold a healthy lead through much of the first two sets, roping in 25-15 victories in each.
But the third set would not be so easily forfeited by the opponent, as the Wolves dug in their heels and fell to their knees to keep up with the Miners. Kidder County would take a brief lead over the home team, attempting to pull away and make a late comeback. But the Miners weren’t having it, coming back to steal a 11-8 lead.
But as Wilton-Wing racked up points, Kidder County followed closely behind, taking advantage of any Miner missteps. With a 15-13 score, tensions were high. Each point for the Wolves brought words of encouragement between Wilton-Wing players, and steady support from coaches on the sidelines. And each time the ball came back down on Kidder County’s side, screams erupted from the Miners, who had their eyes set on victory.
Slowly, the score climbed higher for each team, with Wilton-Wing staying just a pace or two ahead of their opponent. And with just a 25-23 lead, the Miners would take the final set and the game.

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