November 13, 2013

Miners take third place; Cardinals end season

By Adam Thomas
BHG News Service

With the Center-Stanton Wildcats beating the Washburn Cardinals on Monday while the Wilton-Wing Miners enjoyed an extra day of rest with a first round bye, the District 10 Tournament continued holding the center stage of the local high school sporting world last week until its ultimate conclusion on Thursday.

Reversing roles on the tournament’s second day, the Cardinals got the day off to await the loser of the Wilton-Wing and Turtle Lake-Mercer-McClusky match.

In what was easily the closest match of the entire tournament, the Miners and the Trojans battled five sets before a winner could be declared. For the large part it was anything but a pretty journey.

Wilton-Wing got their score moving swiftly straight away, forcing TLMM to call a time out after being outscored 9-1 to open the match led by kills from Jocelyn Bergquist, Jordyn Jenkins, and Paige Hausauer.

That time out seemed to balance out the TLMM players who got better control on the ball after coming back on to the court; combine that with several misplays by Wilton-Wing and the score was tired up 14-14 in short order.

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