November 7, 2012

Miners top Cardinals in championship game

By Adam Thomas, BHG News Service

The District 10 Championship game between the Washburn Cardinals and the Wilton-Wing Miners may not have been the one people were expecting, but the fact that these two teams were the ones left standing wasn’t entirely unexpected either. Wilton-Wing came into the tournament almost certainly under seeded in the third spot. The Miners played almost their entire season with a commanding knowledge of fundamentals along with a deftly agile defense that likely silenced those onlookers who think volleyball ‘looks easy’. For the Cardinal’s part, they entered as the fourth seed in the district. Although inconsistent at times, Washburn’s senior packed squad highlights the importance of teamwork; for when their players are all on the same page, they have the ability to overwhelm other teams from a variety of angles thanks to the talent diversity of their players. As expected in such a closely contended district, neither team had an easy road to the Championship game.

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