April 25, 2018

MLS blows out Cardinals

The Washburn Cardinals had a hard time rounding the bases on Monday, taking a goose egg in their first game against MLS/Glenburn/Kenmare/Bowbells.
The Cardinals struggled to score during their away game on Monday, not earning a single run during the game against the Muskrats. MLS would take a single in the first inning, with three more in the third and one final run in the fourth, sealing a 5-0 victory over Washburn.
The Cardinals would find their footing in the second game of the night, taking four quick runs in the first inning to grab a lead. Washburn would be de-throned by MLS in the second as the Muskrats took nine runs and headed into the top of the third with a 9-5 lead. The Cardinals would stop their opponents from scoring again and manage another run, but MLS would take the second game 9-6.
The game against MLS was the third blowout for the Cardinals, who were beat 10-0 by Beulah on Friday and 12-0 by Shiloh-Christian on Thursday. Again, Washburn would fare a little better in the second game against Beulah, falling by just three runs to the Miners in a 3-6 evening bout.

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