June 10, 2010

Rasmussen, Leidholm represent Washburn at state golf meet

By Adam Thomas, BHG News Service

As the season for golfing starts to enter the prime phase, the Washburn golf team’s season schedule came to a close with one last stop on the agenda, the State Golf Meet. Two golfers from the Washburn team qualified for state this year, Jeff Rasmussen and Alex Leidholm. The boys and girls state meets were held separately with the boys heading to the Crossroads Golf Course in Carrington and the girls hitting the links at the Hillcrest Golf Course in Jamestown. Rasmussen, the Phil Mickelson of Washburn golf, was met with mixed weather conditions on the first day of the meet in Carrington. He was shooting well until a sailing one went out of bounds on the 18th hole and ended up finishing the day with 80 strokes and in 23rd place. "Jeffrey was not pleased with his first round score, but he is very talented and I knew he could come back and shoot well enough to still take all-state honors," said Washburn golf coach Phil Hentsch.

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