May 23, 2012

Regional success brings more Roughriders to state meet

By Adam Thomas, BHG News Service

The Roughriders came off of a very successful Last Chance meet in Hazen where they posted strong showings all-around, so team morale was right where you would want it going into the all-important penultimate meet of the track season – the South Central Regional Track Meet in Bismarck. With an expanded region this season, the competition promised to be stiffer than ever before at the regional meet, but the Southern McLean coaches had high hopes going into the big weekend. Clutch performances by their mainstay upperclassmen combined with efforts from up-and-coming young athletes put both the boys and girls teams into third place overall. The teams also added a long list of names to those headed to the state meet. “Almost every single athlete scored at least one point at this meet, which was an outstanding team performance,” said the Southern McLean coaches, Shayla Sinclair and George Levey. “We were so excited to hold on to one of the top three team trophy standing awards after our region expanded this year.” The top three place winners in each event move on to the state track meet and the Roughriders had a number of top three finishers in the day’s events.

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