September 3, 2014

Roughrider football: What jersey will players be wearing in 2015?

By Cheryl McCormack

Each of the three Roughrider football school boards will be making a final decision on the formation of two possible co-ops: a Washburn-Wilton varsity football co-op and a Washburn-Wilton-Wing junior high co-op.

Their ultimate decision will be arrived at during this week’s special board meetings, to be conducted by each of the three schools – Washburn, Wilton and Wing.

With the Sept. 15 deadline fast approaching, leaders of the Southern McLean Roughriders co-op met in Wilton on Aug. 27 to openly discuss their district’s thoughts on a future football co-op.

Washburn Superintendent Brad Rinas said, "It’s going to be really hard for any of us to have a junior high football team, unless we do it together.

"Fortunately, we could continue a junior high co-op and even bring in other schools, like Center...they’re looking for help too. We (Washburn) can’t sustain a good junior high team on our own."

He continued, "(As far as varsity goes) Washburn won’t be interested in playing AA (division) football. But, I think the future is there for Washburn and Wilton (co-oping) for two years."

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