September 24, 2015

Roughrider runners notch personal bests

BHG News

The Roughriders are on their way to potentially achieving their pre-season goals of taking the championship in the girls Class B division, and the boys finishing in the top five, as three Roughrider runners recently ran personal records.

Cole Boysun and Brooke Tibke each ran personal bests when the Roughriders competed at the Mandan Kiwanis meet on Sept. 12, while Jade Koski ran a personal best at Medina last Tuesday.

In addition to that, the Roughrider girls captured the team first-place finish at Medina last Tuesday, with Kate Fox easily taking the tape with her time of 15:31. Her nearest competitor was just shy of a minute behind her, finishing in 16:30.

The Medina course was a terrific challenge for the Roughriders, said Roughrider coach Laura Tweeten.

"It was a really fair course," said Tweeten. "It was probably a true cross country course. They ran on gravel, they ran through a corral with some cows in a pasture, they ran on some paved roads and they ran on grass, but it was a very good course."

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