October 1, 2015

Roughrider’s jolt Troopers

By Don Winter
BHG News

As the first full moon of autumn rose over the lights of Washburn, Southern McLean’s boys of fall took to the field for a spectacular and special evening showdown against the Troopers of Garrison-Max.

Homecoming, Mega Bowl, full moon – what more could you ask for on a Friday night? Well, if you’re at home and it’s your homecoming, a victory is foremost on your mind. And fortunately for the Roughrider faithful, that beacon of brightness in the autumn sky shone a light of promise on the gridiron, foreshadowing a fulfillment of all the promises the night had offered.

Like the frightening creatures of yore that come to life and devour the unwary during the call of the full moon, the Roughrider offense, which to this point had been more Dr. Jekyll than Mr. Hyde, decided that it was "AAAAAlive", with monstrous effect.

Deciding that he wanted to end the evening early, the Roughrider’s Brandon Jenkins unleashed the hounds on the very first play of the game, gathering in the opening kickoff and charging 64-yards through the Troopers special team coverage for an electrifying touchdown. Unfortunately for SM, the conversion failed, leaving the scoreboard stuck at 6 to zip.

Not to be outdone, Southern McLean’s resident touchdown scoring machine, Gunnar Hyttenin, discovered pay dirt once again early in the second stanza, posting the Roughriders’ to a 12 to nothing lead, after the extra-point attempt sailed wide.

Deciding to be truly beastly, Roughrider quarterback Caleb Weisgarber would lower his head and bull in from the one yard out a short while later, after Weisgarber successfully converted the try after, the Roughriders were coasting up 20-0.

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