May 22, 2014

Roughriders finish strong at Regionals

By Adam Thomas
BHG News

The collective whole of the Southern McLean Roughriders finished in strong fashion at the Regional meet over the weekend.

The girls team finished in third place, while the boys were narrowly beaten out by just three points, finishing in second place overall.

"We were tied for first place with one event to go," recalled Southern McLean head Coach George Levey. "In the discus, Linton’s thrower moved up to second place for eight points while we scored five points in the event and that was the deciding factor."

Despite the disappointment in falling short of the regional crown, the Southern McLean athletes on both sides of the gender divide put forward a great end-of-season effort.

"We couldn’t have been more proud of the overall efforts of our teams," said Coach Levey. "To come away with a first place in the boys division would have been a dream come true and it just about happened, thanks to the efforts of everyone on the team; and we knew it would be a fight for third in the girls division but our girls showed up and took it by a comfortable margin."

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