April 9, 2014

Roughriders kicks off season

By Adam Thomas
BHG News

Another year of unpredictable climate in the northern plains brought a messy beginning to Southern McLean’s track and field season. The snow and cold limited the team’s ability to get outdoors to train, and it also forced the cancellation of the team’s first track meet.

But to compensate for Old Man Winter’s final hurrah, Southern McLean picked up a spot at the CNDC indoor meet in Minot on Friday.

Although their team wasn’t out in full force, it was still a good first showing according to Southern McLean head coach George Levey, "We’re at that point where there are still a lot of other school extracurriculars going on so we were missing some people, but we ended up with some nice finishes in this one."

Taking second place by leaping for a 4-09.00 in the high jump, McKenzie Thorson was the highest finisher on the day for Southern McLean. A state qualifier last season, Thorson is ahead of her start from last year and has plenty of time ahead to get clear the 5-01.00 needed to make a return to the big stage.

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