October 1, 2014

Roughriders run all over Warriors

By Adam Thomas
BHG News

The shoe was on the other foot for the Southern McLean Roughriders on Friday. Having been up against bigger and stronger teams that scored at will on them several times this season; it was the Roughriders turn to overwhelm an opponent when they came up against the Standing Rock Warriors.

Standing Rock didn’t stand much of a chance after Southern McLean pounced on them early, and often, in the first quarter.

Five touchdowns in the first twelve minutes of the game for the Roughriders is just about as much as you could hope for; that’s one touchdown every two and a half minutes. It was a feat made possible by some big plays on both sides of the ball.

The defense didn’t allow the Warriors to have possession for very long, forcing punts and turnovers with a swarming presence that Standing Rock couldn’t hope to stand against. The offense returned the favor by scoring at every opportunity.

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