August 29, 2018

Roughriders shot down by Lions

Aug. 24 marked Southern McLean’s first official game of the season, matching up with Minot’s Bishop Ryan Lions. Bishop Ryan wasted no time in getting down the field and scoring, as their first touchdown came within the first minute and a half of the game. A two-point conversion attempt ended up being successful, giving the Lions an eight point lead on the Roughriders.
The Roughriders battled back on the line, fighting for each yard they pushed towards. Their efforts reaped no reward; however, and the Lions were able to play offense yet again. Another touchdown was scored halfway through the quarter, and a pass into the end zone gave the Lions another two points on the scoreboard.
Charging through Bishop Ryan’s defensive line gave the Roughriders few first downs, but they were unable to reach the end zone. The Lions were able to snag an interception in that time, and their 30-yard return on that interception gave them their third and final touchdown of the first quarter. Their two-point conversion was also successful, making the final score of the quarter 24-0.
The Lions continued to pull away in the second quarter, scoring a touchdown and an extra two points in the first minute. Southern McLean was unable to keep the ball after the kickoff, as a bobbled catch led to a fumble recovery for Bishop Ryan. However, the Roughriders’ defense forced the Lions to punt, and they got another chance.
A 35-yard throw by Roughrider quarterback Dylan Williams to Turner Grumbo gave them the opportunity they needed to get into scoring position. Unfortunately, the next three rushing attempts couldn’t get them another first down.

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