September 21, 2011

Roughriders take a hard loss on the road in Killdeer

By Adam Thomas, BHG News Service

Four games at home and four games on the road, so says the mighty football schedule. It was an easy season so far on the bus tires as the first three games of the season took place on home fields either in Washburn or Wilton. But now, the Southern McLean Roughriders have to deal with the consequences of not having to travel early in the year as four of their next five games are on the road. They started their road adventures off against the Killdeer Cowboys on Friday night. The Cowboy offense was relentless, putting the game well within their hands early by scoring seven touchdowns in the first half alone and ballooned it to a total of ten touchdowns at the game’s end for which the Roughriders had little answers, leading to a 64-12 final score. “Killdeer was a very good physical team that was a very tough matchup for us,” said Southern McLean Head Coach Pete Moe. “The fact that they had lost to Hazen the week before seemed to have them fired up to get back on track and they took it to us pretty good.” The only touchdown of the first half for the Roughriders didn’t come on an offensive possession, but instead came from an interception return by Andrew Kaiser, grabbing the ball and running it the other way 37 yards for points.

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