March 27, 2013

Schell’s Tetons fall to Shelton College at Nationals

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The Williston Teton girls basketball team fought a good fight in the highly competitive  junior college national tournament in Salina, Kan., last week. Sam Schell, a graduate of Washburn, played some tough defense and made some strong strides on offense as she scored 10 points in the final game of the Tetons’ season. This was a single elimination tournament so the team knew they had to give it their all every game. Their final game would be March 19 against the Shelton State College Bucs of Alabama. The Bucs brought a full-court press that brought out 32 turnovers for the Tetons. They still held on and ended the season with a score of 72-57. Schell’s family, Geniel (mom), Dale (dad), Zach (brother) and Mandy (sister) all attended the tournament and acted as a portion of the teams’ personal cheering  squad. “It was a tough tournament,” Geniel said.

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