January 4, 2012

Second straight win for Wilton-Wing’s girls team

By Adam Thomas, BHG News Service

Many teams take a break from competition during the holiday season, but the Miner girls’ basketball team was out there adding games to their win column before the arrival of the new year. On Dec. 30, Wilton-Wing played down to the wire against Central Prairie at home and was able to celebrate the end of 2011 with a 48-45 victory. The win was the second in a row, after a dramatic comeback on the road against Solen a week prior. “We trailed most of the game against Solen, but we came out in the second half and went on a 27-1 run,” said Wilton-Wing Head Coach Lisa Jenkins. Heidi Clausen scored 26 points during the Solen game (previously reported as 22 points), giving Wilton-Wing a big boost when they needed it most.  “She is capable of scoring in double figures each night, but she is still young and is still learning the game,” said Jenkins. “She is going to start drawing some attention defensively so I am excited to see how she reacts to those situations.”

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