September 1, 2011

Southern McLean rides to victory in debut

By Adam Thomas, BHG News Service

It’s a story as old as civilization itself: two former foes, joining forces to battle common enemies together using their combined strength. That age-old story gets another retelling this year as Washburn and Wilton join together to form the Southern McLean Roughriders. The first test of this new alliance came on Saturday with the Garrison-Max Troopers hoping to put a damper on Southern McLean’s debut. A steady all-around effort paced the Roughriders on both sides of the ball. Scoring a touchdown in every quarter of the game while holding the Troopers to only one end zone trip late putting Southern McLean in the position for a well deserved win in their first game of the season, 26-6. It was the Roughrider defense that had the opportunity to show off their abilities with the opening kick-off going to Garrison-Max. Holding tough, they forced a four down turnover, giving the ball to their as-of-yet untested offense. Should there have been any doubt to who might play a big part in the Roughriders’ success this year, running back Evan Eberle busted free for a 40-yard touchdown run on the proceeding possession, putting his team up 6-0 after a failed two-point conversion.

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