September 12, 2018

Southern McLean worked over by Beulah Miners

The Southern McLean Roughriders spent the night of Sept. 7 battling the Beulah Miners. The Roughriders received the kickoff, but they were stopped just before they could reach a first down. After forcing the Miners to turn over the ball, Southern McLean attempted to run the ball through Beulah’s line.
Beulah was able to force another turnover and score their first touchdown on a 34 yard run halfway into the first quarter. The Roughriders were able to hold them for the rest of the quarter, making the score 6-0.
Southern McLean started on offense in the second quarter and successfully pushed past Beulah and inched themselves near a first down. However, the Miners were able to force Southern McLean back on defense and push themselves towards the end zone.
A long pass by the Miners gave them their second touchdown of the game, and their successful point after attempt pushed their score to 14 points ahead of the Roughriders. No more points were scored in the half.
The third quarter was highly aggressive on both sides, as each went back and forth between offense and defense. After a quick touchdown and point after in the first minute of the game, the Miners let up on defense, and the Roughriders used it to their advantage.

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