March 3, 2011

Standing Rock upsets Washburn

By Adam Thomas, Freelance staff writer

It had been nine years since the Washburn Cardinal boys basketball team was last part of the regional championship game. This season’s Cardinals were riding an impressive showing during the regular season and came out of the district tournament outclassing their opponents and shining under pressure. In all respects they were in excellent position to get Washburn back into the regional title game. Unfortunately, they followed history’s course maybe a little too well. The Cardinals made their way through the regional tournament and arrived on the final night’s big stage, facing down the Standing Rock Warriors for the right to enter the state tournament. It was the exact same matchup from nine years ago and it resulted in the exact same outcome: the Washburn boys basketball state tournament drought would persist. The Standing Rock Warriors claimed the championship on Friday night by taking down the favored Cardinals, 60-54.

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