September 20, 2017

Tough weather, tough loss

Sports Writer
The Southern McLean Roughriders trekked through the rain and cold temperatures last Friday night to play the Bowman County Bulldogs in Wilton. Less than ideal conditions led to slippery grass and a slippery football, causing problems for both teams throughout the game.
The game started off with some back and forth action, with no touchdowns from either side. However, within the first quarter, the Roughriders lost the ball in the Bulldogs’ end zone, causing the first two points to come from a safety, due to their own error. Minutes later, the Bulldogs scored in their own column with a 3-yard touchdown and the extra point. This brought the score to 9-0, Bulldogs. Before the end of the quarter, the Bulldogs managed to score one more touchdown with a two-point conversion, bringing the first quarter score to 17-0.
The second quarter was just as successful as the first for the Bulldogs. Even with the slipping and sliding of their players, they scored a whopping three touchdowns. They also kicked themselves another extra point. The score would become 36-0 to finish out the half.

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