February 3, 2016

Troopers get trapped

BHG News

The Cardinals headed to Garrison this week to meet the Troopers who have been struggling as of late dropping their last four affairs. The Cardinals have been playing well winning their last three of four with the loss coming to tenth ranked Strasburg-Zeeland. Both teams needed a victory to gain ground for the District 10 tournament coming up in a few weeks.

Garrison came out in the first quarter and ran some nice sets with good looks at the basket, connecting their first two to open the game 4-0. The Cardinals then rattled off six of their own but each team missed some open looks at point blank range and the quarter ended at eight a piece.

After the slow start, head coach Derrick Seiler decided to run the press with a half-court trap. The trap worked to perfection. The Cardinals pushed the ball carrier to one side of the court and sent a second man to meet him right at the midcourt stripe. The Troopers defenders had nowhere to go and began throwing the ball away or getting stripped.

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