April 1, 2010

Washburn and Wilton football teams will co-op

By Adam Thomas, BHG News Service

Washburn and Wilton varsity football teams will finally become one this fall. Board member Brad Sheldon had the floor in speaking for the co-curricular committee. He reported that they have been continuing their hard work with Wilton over the possible co-oping of the varsity football programs for the 2011 season. Sheldon proposed a motion that the board go ahead and approve the co-op, which would officially start the process and paperwork. Board President Steve Reiser clarified that after a positive vote on the motion, the co-op could only be dissolved if both school boards agreed to do so. The motion passed unanimously. "We want to be ahead on this," said Sheldon. "The little things we can tweak and fix as we go along." Some of the bigger details were outlined: Washburn would likely be the home school for the co-op, equipment costs would be split in half between the two schools and coaches would be hired anew. Sheldon said that they were going to get the students from both schools involved in picking the team name and mascot. Team colors were still undecided. The next co-op meeting is scheduled for April 6. "Our meetings with their committee have been very upbeat and I feel that we fit well together. It’s been a very positive experience thus far," said Sheldon.

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