July 25, 2018

Washburn battles Bismarck Reps

Washburn gave it their all in their last home game for the season against the Bismarck Reps last week. The first of two games on July 17 started out with a strikeout by pitcher Trevor Schreiner, followed by a single for the Reps. A caught pop fly to center fielder Dylan Kaul gave Washburn their second out. After a quick bunt single, right fielder Landre Sondrol caught a pop fly to end Bismarck’s chance of scoring any runs in the first inning.
Offense didn’t begin smoothly for Washburn in the first inning. Two quick outs meant they had to rally, which they did. After a close call on first base, second baseman Kolby Yantzer gave Washburn their first runner. Shortstop Reed Backman advanced Yantzer with a pop fly over shortstop, and catcher Karsen Blotske brought him in. A pickle gave Backman just enough time to advance as well, getting him home before the third out. In the end of the first inning, Washburn had a two run lead over Bismarck.
Not ready to give up their lead, Washburn held Bismarck in the second inning. Infielders and outfielders alike worked together to prevent any Reps players from getting home. A strikeout, caught pop fly to Kaul and a force out at first gave Washburn three quick outs. Bismarck was able to return the favor as they denied all three of Washburn’s next batters from getting on base.
Bismarck pulled out the small ball in the third inning, attempting to bunt multiple times. However, they were not successful and quickly thrown out at first and second. Yantzer ended the half inning with a caught infield pop fly. Only Kaul was able to get on base this inning, with his teammates struck out or out from a caught pop fly.
Two plays were made between Backman and first baseman Carter Burch, resulting in two outs at first early in the inning. However, a quick double was made from a missed pop fly in deep right field. A walk brings another runner on base, and steals from passed balls gave Bismarck their first run of the game. A hit over second base brought another runner in, tying the game. A strikeout ended Bismarck’s rally.

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