December 11, 2013

Washburn Cardinal boys start season 1-2

By Adam Thomas
BHG News Service

With a mid-week snowstorm delaying their first game of the year against Kidder County on Tuesday, the Washburn Cardinals were presented with a difficult stretch after the basketball game was rescheduled for Thursday -- right before games against Parshall and Richardton-Taylor on Friday and Saturday. Three straight games right off the bat, a test of where they stood in the early season.

The Cardinals didn’t get off on good footing with their first game, losing to Kidder County 51-33 on the road. They would also take the loss against Parshall 57-50, but then ended the week on a good note by defeating Richardton-Taylor 56-41.

In Kidder County, it was a matter of shooting and the Cardinals couldn’t hit much of anything.

Only one player from Washburn broke into double-digits, Grant Tweeten, with 11 points, while the rest of the team was as cold as the North Dakota winter.

Even with the shooting woes, the score was close with Kidder County leading by only three points at half-time, 19-16, but they stepped up their game in the third quarter and Washburn couldn’t keep pace.

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