November 12, 2014

Washburn defeats Wilton-Wing in regional play-in game

By Adam Thomas
BHG News

The District 10 Volleyball Tournament in Wilton came and went last week with six teams vying for four spots to advance on to the Region 5 Tournament in Underwood.

As reported last week, the tournament host Wilton-Wing lost their first round game 3-0 to the TLMM Trojans. Meanwhile, Washburn handily bested Garrison-Max 3-0.

The Miners were inactive on the second day with a bye while the Cardinals entered their semi-final game against the Center-Stanton Wildcats.

Entering the tournament as the number one seed, the Wildcats were more than a handful for the Cardinals right from the start.

The Wildcats laid down a devastating first impression, completely overwhelming the Cardinals in the first set with a series of non-stop attacks that finished in a lopsided 25-5 finish.

Washburn recovered from that low afterwards but it wasn’t nearly good enough to stall the Center-Stanton engine that was running about as smoothly as you can ask for.

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