November 26, 2009

Washburn discusses co-ops with Center and Wilton

By Adam Thomas

With a continuing decline in enrollment numbers for small-town schools across the state, the adoption of sport program co-ops for those struggling schools is on the rise. Representatives from the Center-Stanton and Wilton extra-curricular committees met last week in separate meetings with their Washburn counterparts to discuss future plans for possible co-ops in various sports. The first meeting of the night was between Washburn and Center-Stanton. The two sides met to discuss a co-op of the girls’ basketball program and a possible co-op of the football program, which would include Wilton. The issue of numbers was the first to be addressed. Washburn questioned what division they would get placed in if there were to be a three-school co-op formed: "As far as I see it, going into Class AA would be unacceptable," said a Washburn representative. Tentative enrollment figures were discussed and it was unclear if the three schools would break the Class AA threshold.

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