October 9, 2008

Washburn football within inches of victory over Hettinger

By Danielle Abbott

After playing a string of very difficult football teams, the Washburn Cardinals traveled to Hettinger on Friday for a game that fans knew would be close. Head Coach Pete Moe knows that the two teams are very similar in skill and that the game would be extremely competitive. The game stayed close down to the last seconds of the fourth quarter. When the Cardinals scored with only 35 seconds left in the game, the crowd leaned to the edge of their seats. Only two points shy of tying up the game, Washburn attempted a 2-point conversion. Unable to complete the play, the Cardinals fell to the Black Devils 20-18. "It was a very hard fought game between two pretty evenly matched teams," Moe said, "Our kids played hard and they played well, but we just came up short."


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