September 24, 2009

Washburn hosts meet

By Don Winter

On Tuesday, Sept. 15 the Washburn-Wilton cross country team hosted to several teams from the surrounding area for a "class B" meet at Cross Ranch State Park. "We wanted to start really small this year to get the hang of things. We (Laura, Stacy and I) have never hosted a cross country meet before, so this was all brand new to us," said head coach Shayla Sinclair. Other participants in this year’s meet were Garrison, Beulah-Hazen, Hebron, Killdeer-Holliday, and Sheridan County. The meet, which took place on a blazing hot day, saw plenty of tough and exciting competition. In the varsity girl’s competition, Killdeer-Halliday came in first, followed by Beulah-Hazen. The Washburn-Wilton placed a respectable third, and Garrison and Underwood rounded out the field. For the boys, Beulah-Hazen finished in first, followed by Killdeer-Halliday, Hebron, Sheridan County, Garrison, and Washburn-Wilton.

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