July 3, 2018

Washburn swept away by Bismarck

By Emily Scheresky
The night of June 26th was eventful for the Washburn Legion baseball team as they took on the Bismarck Capitals for a doubleheader. Washburn was able to prevent any runs from coming in during the first inning, Cameron Hall striking out two batters and getting the third out as a force.
Ready to bat, Washburn’s lead off batter Dylan Kaul hit a pop fly to left field, which was caught. A strikeout and force out bring the first inning to a quick end, both teams sporting no runs.
Bismarck attempted some aggressive baserunning in the second inning of the game, as they tried to steal bases to get ahead. A pop fly and quick strikeout limited their ability to take risks, but they still managed to squeeze out a run due to some lack of communication on the field. A pop fly to left ended the half inning.
Washburn’s second at bat started out successfully, and with two walks and one single, the bases were loaded. However, three strikeouts kept the runners from getting home.
Bismarck was forceful with their hitting, scoring two runs before a force out at first would end their streak. Bases quickly filled when Washburn went up to bat. Hard hits by Kolby Yantzer and Carter Burch gave Washburn their first two runs of the game, shortening Bismarck’s lead to 3-2.
Wanting to get back on offense, Washburn quickly snagged three outs, only allowing one runner on base. Unfortunately, they couldn’t convert, making it impossible to score any runs.

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