September 24, 2013

Washburn takes loss from district opponent TLMM

BHG News Service
    The Washburn Cardinal Volleyball team is in what you would call a rebuilding year, with an all-new cast of starters still looking to find their places in the overall scheme of the game.
    With that kind of territory comes frustration and often times disappointment as this team comes up against others always more experienced, but that process of learning comes discovery; those felting moments of understanding and clarity as if those hours in practice are starting to pay off.
    The ultimate hope for the Cardinal coaching staff is that those moments become less elusive and more consistent over time.
    For Washburn’s game against the Turtle Lake-Mercer-McClusky Trojans, they didn’t win the game, but there were some of those moments of sunlight shining through the clouds in the 3-1 loss.
    The Cardinals easily played their best set of the night in the first.

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