April 19, 2017

Wilton takes big win over Washburn

Wilton didn’t hold back when the Cardinals softball team came to visit last week, taking down their neighbors to the north by a hefty 16 points over the course of four innings.
The Miners took an early lead during their home game April 11, racking up four points in the first inning courtesy of McKenna Weisenburger, Madison Leidy, Karlee Arnold and Lauren Koski.
When Washburn’s Hannah Retterath went up to bat, she got a quick walk from Wilton pitcher McKenna Weisenburger. Retterath stole second as teammate Emily Scheresky takes a few swings at the ball before also getting a walk. Then, in one swift play, Scheresky and Retterath both steal, landing Scheresky at third base and giving Washburn their first run as Retterath makes it home.
But Wilton wasn’t about to let the score go unanswered, and responded with some rapid-fire scoring. A fly ball hit by Arnold opened the gates for Jade Koski and Weisenberger to score before Arnold also made it home, bringing the score up to 7-1. A few rough pitches from Washburn’s Retterath that hit batters gave the Miners a few walks, with a couple wild pitches and a passed ball pushing Wilton through the bases and bringing the score to 10-1.
A home run by Weisenburger would allow her and Sarah Selle to score, making it 12-1 at the top of the third.

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