May 28, 2015

Wilton to host one varsity football game

By Cheryl McCormack

The Southern McLean Roughriders will be playing Heart River, Sept. 18, on the newly-renovated Wilton football field.

Wilton Athletic Director Vicky Bender and Superintendent Barb Kady recently met with Washburn Athletic Director Pete Moe and Superintendent Brad Rinas to discuss the game schedule for varsity football in the fall.

At the May 20 Wilton School Board meeting, Bender said, "Reluctantly, we did agree to one varsity game, which, I guess, was a victory for us." Kady said, "It was a compromise."

Bender continued, "They (Washburn) just laughed in our face when we said we wanted two varsity games back. I, honestly, agree with them when they come to us...saying we're only bringing one football player to the varsity's very difficult to justify having two varsity games over here.

"They (Washburn) did mention very few co-op teams are able to keep two football fields going, but we're hoping to keep those two football fields going because they're so close together."

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