January 15, 2014

Wilton-Wing sweeps Washburn in doubleheader

By Adam Thomas
BHG News

The only rivalry that burns brighter than the Capulets and the Montagues takes place on the basketball court when the Washburn Cardinals go up against the Wilton-Wing Miners as they did once again on Thursday in doubleheader action.

The Miners withstood late rallies in both the girls and boys games to secure the doubleheader sweep on their home court; the lady Miners winning 52-44 and the gentlemen of Wilton-Wing taking it 49-39.

Those made from sugar and spice were the first to take the court that night, the teams standing in stark contrast of one another.

The Miners having a good core of senior talent and a deep bench of underclassmen while the Cardinals don’t have a single senior player and barely enough total players to fill their bench.

But despite their shortcomings, the Cardinals put up a good fight at times and gave Wilton-Wing a ride for their money down the stretch.

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