March 5, 2014

Wilton-Wing takes third in Regionals

By Adam Thomas
BHG News

People are prepared for potential upsets and crazy games during tournament time because as the saying goes: ‘anything can happen’. But I don’t think anyone was expecting what happened at the Region 5 Tournament at the Bismarck Civic Center last week.

The Wilton-Wing Miners came into Regionals as the second seed out of District 10 after a close loss to the Garrison Troopers in the district championship.

Although they didn’t end up in the championship game for this stage of the post-season as well, their path through the Regional was one for the ages.

New Salem-Almont

The Miners took on the third seed out of District 9, the New Salem-Almont Holsteins, in the first round of play on Monday.

Nobody in attendance could have imagined the spectacle that was in store as the game got rolling.

Having played twice before during the regular season, these two teams knew each other well and they both came out looking comfortable on the big floor of the civic center.

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