January 22, 2014

Win one, lose one for Lady Miners

By Adam Thomas
BHG News

Even as a team that is in the process of shoring up some of its weaker points, the Wilton-Wing Miners have been putting the ‘W’s in the record book, they entered last week on a four-game winning streak.

Two games loomed ahead of them, however, those against the Max Cossacks and the New Salem-Almont Holsteins.

The Miners made easy work of the Cossacks with a 52-29 win, but their trail of wins was cut off by a close loss against the Holsteins 60-57.

Jocelyn Bergquist got the Miners off to a good start against the Cossacks, scoring seven opening quarter points and giving her team a 10-7 lead.

Starting in the second, Miner Paige Hausauer was almost unstoppable in the post. Nearly every time she got the ball down low, it was destined to find its way to the bottom of the net.

Hausauer scored eight of her game-high 16 points in the second quarter and she continued to score well into the second half. By the time she found her way to the bench, the Wilton-Wing player had built a sizable 41-14 lead.

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