April 30, 2009

WWCS dominates Central McLean

By Danielle Abbott

The baseball team had planned to start their week on Friday with a trip to Hettinger, but after four inches of snow in Hettinger, the game was cancelled. That meant that for the WWCS team, they wouldn’t get back onto the field for a full week after their last game. WWCS hosted Central McLean on Saturday, and the team was hungry and ready to play. Head Coach Kip Erickson said that the team played very well the first game. "I pitched Cody Durkee again, and he threw a good game. We hit the ball really well and the stats show that the kids stepped up to make this a big game," Erickson said. This four inning game started out all tied up through the first two innings at 1-1. By the bottom of the third WWCS jumped ahead and stole the 4-2 lead. With victory so close within their reach, WWCS refused to look back, and scored a massive eight points in the fourth inning. The game ended 12-2 for WWCS. In the second game of the day, the team came back just as driven to secure the win. "I pitched Wendlin Berger," Erickson said, "I hadn’t thrown him yet this year and he did really well."

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