March 23, 2016

Yetterboe wins coach of the year

BHG News

The head coach of the Wilton-Wing boys basketball team, Trevor Yetterboe, was honored in Garrison on Feb. 29 as the coach of the year at the conclusion of the District 10 tournament.

"Winning coach of the year is a great honor, but it's really a reflection of what great guys I was able to coach. The team and Coach Thompson worked hard every day and it was always fun going to practice because I knew everyone was coming to work and improve. Hopefully we have a great off season, and Coach Thompson comes back. He did a phenomenal job in his first year working with the guys and myself," Yetterboe said.

The young team had a good season ending up second at 10-8 in District 10 behind Washburn. The team had aspirations of heading to the Region 5 tournament but was cut short by Underwood. The Miners have nothing to be ashamed of as they steadily improved all season.

"For the most part, I was happy with the season the team improved every practice and game. Our basketball IQ improved as the season went on, along with our work ethic. We never had any attitude from the guys, they were positive and put the team above individual stats and awards which was great to see," coach Yetterboe said.

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