September 21, 2016

2016-17 school year off to good start

A new bus, three new teachers, pre-school startup, newly-updated student handbook, and 20 students participating in sports so far this year, denotes a good start for the McClusky Public School in 2016, according to the Board of Education.
The new bus, acquired toward the end of the past school year, is already serving to pick up students. The first longer distance trip to use the bus is coming up in October, when it will take students, teachers and helpers to the eighty ninth year of the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis.
The new teachers, Branden McCloskey for music, Lucas Senske for social studies and physical education, and Brenda Potts for math, are adjusting with the help of the faculty and staff, while the pre-school is going well with the students wanting to come every day.

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