December 18, 2008

"A Christmas Carol" presented by MHS Drama Club


On Dec. 8, Monday night, the McClusky High School Drama Club, under the direction of Donna Jo Lipp, performed a version of Charles Dickens’ "A Christmas Carol," for a packed house. The play was part of a dinner theatre presentation, this one a little earlier in the school year than usual. The cast of characters, and they were some characters, were ably performed by students, some of whom played more than one part. Tiny Tim, on crutch, stole the heart of the hardest Scrooge in the audience, even winning over the Scrooge on stage when he had to confront the future with the death of the tiny child. The play was guided by the narration of Ariah Iron Boulder and Cambree Holen, who kept everyone informed as to the passage of time and the back and forth direction of the play scenes. Behind them, in the darkened stage, the players scurried about with set changes, as interesting as the play itself in its careful preparation and rehearsal. There were a few minutes of silence, a few stunned minds grasping for the next line, a few giggles from the stage when things didn’t go quite as rehearsed; it all added up in the memories of those, who also had played in school plays and "knew how it goes" when the final curtain goes up and you are "live" for all to see. The meal, catered by the Union Grill, was served by the actors at mid-play. The hot meal was welcome in the slightly chilly gymnasium; a tender roast beef with mashed potatoes and gravy and chocolate dessert, along with hot cider and coffee.

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