September 4, 2019

A nightmare she can't remember

“We have been very blessed,” said Jess Boehm. “Part of me is the bad nightmare I can remember, rather surreal. The other side of what happened is you see how and who cares about you. And, we see all they have done for us.
“Perhaps I will know better a year from now; right now it is day by day. We just keep trucking.”
It was July 6, one of the two days Jess can no longer remember. She and Levi were in the yard, getting ready to go for a ride to Brush Lake with Cousin Shawn Holen. Her horse was Diamond, a 13-year old Quarterhorse mare.
She had been to Medora with Diamond and to the trainer where she and the kids were learning to be better riders. Mostly men with spurs had ridden Diamond and she was now being trained to respond to reins on her neck for direction and control.

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