March 22, 2017

Abatement issues in commission meeting

Two abatement requests were addressed in the Sheridan County commission meeting on March 8. The first request to be addressed was attended by county property owner John Stober and Connie Stober.
The issue was a bill for leveling two-three yards of gravel in Stober’s yard. The discussion centered primarily on the amount of time the road crew worker billed.
Stober decided at the meeting not to challenge the charge as he felt the newspaper reporting the issue would negatively affect his business work.
The commission accepted the dropped challenge and stated that how much time it takes to do work often depends upon how long the worker has been employed and the experience they have with the particular work.
The second abatement request for from Albert D. Krueger and involved several issues. He stated he paid his taxes under protest and asked for abatement in accordance with ND Century Code 57-23-04.


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