July 15, 2015

Achievements on display for 4-H

On a warm Monday afternoon, July 13, Sheridan County 4-H held their Achievement Day and community appreciation supper and raffle.

Spectators came out to watch the livestock exhibit, where 4-hers showed their various animal projects.

Aubrey Steinert, a 4-H Cloverbud, showed her pig. Ryeleigh, Rhea and Remington Laib showed their pigs and goats.

Rhea Laib also showed her heifer and steer. She received championships in heifer, steer and overall.

Rhett Laib also showed his goat.

At the end of the livestock portion of the day, some of the little children had fun practicing how to handle animals for when they participate in the next Achievement Day or other competition.

In the evening, an appreciation Taco supper was held for the community. Approximately 120 people came out for the taco in a bag sponsored by McClusky Co-op Elevator, which the 4-H members served.

A cake, baked and decorated by Margie Rau, was a special dessert treat. After supper, there were raffle drawings. There were 31 raffle prizes including a fan, John Deere toy tractor, emergency kit, two baskets of snacks, baby toy, t-shirt, 31 Tote and pop, CD boom box, Double 6 Dominoes, pinochle cards, screwdriver set, jewelry set, two 31 Tote with Bertsie’s Drive In certificate, Leap Band for kids, two novels, horseshoes game, Scratch ‘n Color and juice; Build-a-Minion body parts; car wash basket, stamps and stickers, jewelry kit, and a weather radio.

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