August 27, 2014

Always a common ground


Jennifer Meserole is the new auditor for the city of McClusky. She comes to the job with a varied background of work, the most recent that of a certified technologist. She worked for a sports medicine doctor who treated injuries in some "high profile players." The team names would ring familiar such as the "Saints," she smiled. There were some people hurt that were really well known but she says they are just patients when they come in for care.

Being a nurse or doctor is something she wanted to do since she was a child. When she graduated from McComb, Mississippi High School, she studied at Southeastern Louisiana University and Pearl River College Mississippi. She noted she started with "generals" and then switched to the medical field.

Her very first job was as a clerk in a cigarette store. She met her husband Lynn through mutual friends and he had always wanted to go north. "He hates the heat," she said. In his work, Lynn had worked in California, Seattle and North Dakota and wanted to come back to North Dakota to live and work.

In considering their move to McClusky, the school was an important part of their decision to move here. Their son Cameron had been homeschooled and at McClusky, a small school in a small town, he could enter the ninth grade in a small class environment. She has been happy with their decision to move here, and the choice of the school. "There is a better way of life here," she said.

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