November 29, 2017

Always done this way

The McClusky School District board heard items from the School Board Convention including the law seminar. They heard that it might not be a good defense when things go badly in a school situation to use “we have always done it this way,” as an excuse.
The board listened on November 14 to examples of ways to handle irate parents and how to talk to them.  “You need to listen, they may just want to be heard,” relayed Dale Ekstrom. Other advice presented at the seminar was to “Just let them vent.” Board members were also encouraged not to be on the defensive all the time.
Other things reported on briefly were making the school marketable to bring in new parents and their families to the community and to know what makes a good teacher and how to keep them.
Principal Sarah Beck reported on report cards for the first quarter and the many students on the honor roll. “I am proud of them,” she said.

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