January 29, 2009

An extra-ordinary day in history


A chance to view history in the making doesn’t often come with advance notice, but two local residents, one the editor of this newspaper, had an opportunity of a lifetime recently. After months of watching the presidential election preparation and results, Brian and Allan Tinker, McClusky, talked over the idea of trying to attend the history-making inauguration in Washington, DC in January. Thinking their chances were similar to the infamous snowball so often mentioned in reference, they submitted requests for tickets to the event from Byron Dorgan’s office as soon as they were aware that there were some available. What would have been icing on the cake would have been the chance to attend one of the inaugural balls, but cost and availability proved obstacles that would not be overcome for the two who love to dance. "Brian looked up from his computer one night after checking his email and said ‘We won the lottery,’" said Allan. Since she knew neither had bought any Powerball lottery tickets, she was puzzled until she realized which lottery he meant. Stunned would be an understatement of the announcement’s effect. The couple discussed their chances of getting rooms, care for their farm, work done for deadlines to be met, and the means to get to DC. They decided that if it worked out logistically they were ready to make the trip. An immediate RSVP affirming that they would attend was sent back and information regarding the event was made available to them over the next days from Zack Smith, Dorgan’s office staff, par excellence. Rooms were found within a reasonable distance of Washington and commuter information was obtained. The days dwindled down to a precious few, as the song goes, and burning up some also precious vacation time, the two set out by automobile to attend the Obama inauguration.

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