April 8, 2015

Anamoose Food Hub in planning stages


With an old building to use, saved from being torn down, a regional food hub is on the planning board for Anamoose and a large surrounding area. Led by Mirek and Julia, who have turned 12 acres and old buildings into a productive small farm, the meeting featured a diverse audience of guests.

Areas represented, with varying levels of experience and a variety of crop production interests from pumpkin patches to aronia berries to dried herbs, the group was ready to listen to ideas for better and steadier markets.

On the back burner of the meeting, was the filling of the "food deserts" in rural and urban areas, where fresh and adequate amounts of locally produced vegetables, berries and flowers are sparse.

Mirek stated he recalled the filled basements of produce, canned and preserved garden and fruits, that were the rule rather than the exception not so many years ago in his native country. It was also the rule not so many years ago in most of North Dakota. Few farms were without sufficient basic garden produce to see them through the winter or to share with those who had little or endured a crop failure.

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