October 30, 2008

Annual Conservation Tour held

The annual Seventh Grade Conservation Tour sponsored by Sheridan County, North and South McHenry County SCDs was held on Thursday, September 18 at the Lonetree Wildlife Management Area South of Martin. 72 students were present representing Anamoose, Drake, Granville, Towner, McClusky, and Velva. The students spent the morning on rotating tours between five demonstration sites. Heather Duchscherer, North Dakota Water Quality Specialist, spoke on 'Water Quality’; she explained the difference between point source and non-point source pollution using a watershed model. This model shows how different pollutants can end up in our lakes and streams. Scott Peterson, Wildlife Resource Management Supervisor, presented 'Wildlife'. He discussed the various threats to wildlife and their needs of survival. Scott had various wildlife pelts on hand to view.

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