January 24, 2018

Area schools checkout SmartLab

By Suzanne Werre,
BHG News
The answer to the question “what are you going to be when you grow up” may be a little easier for several area students after trying out what the SmartLab has to offer at the Underwood School Thursday and Friday. They might not know yet, but if they get to work in a SmartLab, they would get a lot of insight about jobs they could possibly do.
Students from White Shield, Turtle Lake-Mercer, Washburn, Center, Garrison and McClusky joined students from Underwood in checking out the SmartLab Demo, which features several different modules designed to give students hands-on experience using several different types of learning tools.
The students were invited to build their own hydrogen fuel cell, which introduces students to the energy industry. They built bridges out of K’Nex and skyscrapers out of paper to introduce them to engineering. They also worked with a Zoomtool mathematical modeling system, described as “Legos on Steroids” for more extensive building projects.

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