May 7, 2009

Big Top handles capacity crowd

Big Top handles capacity crowd
One of the most fun, and probably most successful, fundraisers to hit the pavement, or at least the sidewalk to the McClusky Elementary School happened on Monday, April 27.
With support evident in the huge gathering of donated prizes and supplies, and the cheerful and eager looks on both volunteers and players in the games, the whole north end of the building came alive for an all-too-soon-over two hours.
The tickets were cheap and they went quickly. You could try your luck at most anything, if you were young enough. Older people had a blast watching the competition on the not-quite-full sized games, and longingly looked at the air-filled jumping platform, hoping, perhaps, that someday, just maybe, they will bring one in for those OVER 70 pounds.
There were hotdogs and cotton candy, apples and drinks, popcorn and way too many other things to allow for a quiet tummy to sleep upon later. No one cared. They ate it all anyway.
For practice there was golf, football toss, ball throws in a couple of venues, a fish pond and a duck pond with guaranteed wins, and a fish race with bewildered fish that swam as fast as they could, never figuring out why they couldn’t escape the “whip.” No one broke a fin or damaged a gill, according to the last reports.
There was ring the bottle and drop a coin, pick up a bottle and stand it straight, and a cake walk with the best the cooks in town could provide. There was a place to drop tickets on some really nifty prizes, and a chance to win a small bike.

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