May 6, 2015

Big truck offers simulated EMS training sites


Divided into two separate training sites, with control office between, the SIM-ND truck, one of four in North Dakota, provided lessons in MI (myocardial infarction) for those attending the special training in the McClusky Ambulance Service building on April 21. Barb Warren-Bloms was the SIM-ND Coordinator on site with Amanda Bibb the paramedic trainer and driver and EMT Clayton Feist rounding out the team of three.

One end of the 45-foot bus houses a simulated ambulance setting with an "emergency room" at the other end, near the cab of the truck.

Those of the local ambulance staff of McClusky and Turtle Lake who were scheduled for the training assembled in small training teams of three or so. They were using the lifelike simulators that are programmed and monitored to respond as an actual human would in the situations. Overseeing and implementing the responses and conversations with the simulated patient, Warren–Bloms gave the simulator real statements and responses to questions the ambulance crew directed towards the "patient."

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